• Courses are created in Canvas 4-6 months before every semester, for all graded sections. No request needed.
  • You can see your courses in Canvas after your department scheduler enters your teaching assignments into ARIES (via SCAIT).

If you want your students from multiple sections to use the same content and interact together in one Canvas course, before you add content, cross-list (combine) your sections (optional).

  • Students are added systematically from ARIES.
  • Teachers are added systematically, too. All teaching assignments in ARIES are added in the Teacher role in Canvas courses.
  • Teachers can manually enroll TAs and others.

Course Checklist – Make sure your course includes these key items.

Teachers can import (copy) content from a previous Canvas course,  then update for the new semester, including:

If you’d like to work with TILT to develop your course content, contact Inger Johnson at (970) 491-2008.

  • Unpublished courses never open for students.
  • When your course is ready for students publish your course.