• Academic courses (for 1 or more credits) are created systematically 4-6 months before each semester.
  • Other courses created by request.
  • Course creation details

If you want your students from multiple sections to use the same content and interact together in one Canvas course, before you add content, cross-list(combine) your sections(optional).

  • Students are added systematically from ARIES.
  • Teachers are added systematically, too. All teaching assignments in ARIES are added in the Teacher role in Canvas courses.
  • Teachers can manually enroll TAs and others.

Course Checklist – Make sure your course includes these key items.

Teachers can import (copy) content from a previous Canvas course,  then update for the new semester, including:

If you’d like to work with TILT to develop your course content, contact them at TILT_IDS@mail.colostate.edu

Canvas courses open to students on the Friday before the semester begins. To allow students to access a Canvas course, the start date must have passed and the course must be published.


To allow students to access a Canvas course before the default start date, adjust the start date and publish the course.