Where do you want to read your Canvas email?

You have three choices:

In Canvas, to view your “Messages/Conversations”, click the Inbox icon in the left navigation bar.

Email Default: Every CSU user starts with their default CSU first.last email address in Canvas.

Email Alias: CSU first.last aliases make email addresses more user-friendly. Email is actually delivered as below.
You do not need to add either of these in Canvas.

  • Most Undergraduate Students:
    first.last@rams.colostate.edu → ename@rams.colostate.edu
  • Most Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff:
    first.last@colostate.edu → ename@mail.colostate.edu

To use a non-CSU email account with Canvas messages do BOTH these actions:

1. Set up email forwarding from inside your CSU email account

2. Add your non-CSU email addresses in Canvas

Do ALL of these Steps, including steps 4 and 5.

  1. In Canvas, at the top beside your name, click the “Settings” link.
  2. On the right, click the “+ Add Email Address” button and enter your non-CSU email address.
  3. Click “Register Email” button. This sends an email to your non-CSU email address.
  4. Go into your non-CSU email account to find that email.
    (It is from “Instructure Canvas” with subject “Confirm Email: Canvas”.)
  5. Click the link: “Click here to confirm this registration”.

If you still don’t see Canvas messages, check your Email Spam / Junk folder.

Set your notification preferences in Canvas

You can configure Canvas to send notifications immediately, daily or weekly, by email or text (SMS) for: due dates, announcements, course content, grades, etc.

  1. In Canvas, in the left navigation, click on your Account, click Notifications.
  2. There is a column for each email address/device; click the icons to set your frequency choices.

More about notifications