iClicker Cloud is provided free to all Colorado State University students with funds from the University Technology Fee.

Getting Started

Colorado State University has a site license with iClicker, so the use of iClicker on a mobile device, tablet, or a computer is free for students. If a physical iClicker remote is needed in a classroom, that device must be purchased as it is not covered under our site license.

Create iClicker Reef Account

To participate in iClicker Cloud polling, all students must create an iClicker Reef account. When creating a Reef account, you MUST use your CSU email address.

If you already have an iClicker Reef account, do not create a new one.

Link iClicker Account To Canvas Account

In order to participate in the iClicker Cloud pilot sessions and ensure that your grades are properly reflected in the gradebook, all students must link their iClicker Reef account to their Canvas account. If you do not have an iClicker Reef account, create your iClicker Reef account before linking to your Canvas account.

Polling Devices

Instructors have the option to allow students to participate in polling from a mobile device, from the iClicker Reef web site, or with a traditional remote. Please contact your Instructor about what devices they will allow in class.

If you are using an iClicker remote, you still need to create a Reef account and sync that account to your Canvas course. You will need to add your iClicker remote ID number to the profile section of your iClicker Reef account. This will ensure your clicker responses show up in your iClicker Reef account and in the Canvas gradebook.

Participate in Class

To participate in polling on a mobile device, download the iClicker Reef mobile app via the App Store or Google Play. Students can also participate in polling by going to the iClicker Reef site using a web browser or by using a traditional iClicker remote.

Check-in to Class with iClicker Reef

Participate in a Polling Session with iClicker Reef

Participate in a Quiz with iClicker Reef

View Course History and Session Results in iClicker Reef

Use Study Tools in iClicker Reef After Class

Create a REEF account

Wireless Network

When using iClicker Cloud in the classroom, it is strongly recommended to connect to the csu_eid network, which is the fastest, most reliable network on campus.

Connecting to other networks on campus, or a mobile network, will cause issues when participating in iClicker Cloud polls.

Tips and best practices

Having connection issues? Check out our a guide for troubleshooting your connection to iClicker Reef.

Is your instructor using GPS with iClicker? Check out these Attendance Geolocation Tips.

Not seeing your iClicker Reef points? Visit this troubleshooting guide. You might have missed a step in the registration process.

Student Support