A polling session is a question, or set of questions, given to students during a single class session.

Run a Polling Session

Before starting a polling session, make sure the iClicker base in the classroom is connected to the computer with the iClicker software and that the software is set to the frequency of the classroom.

If an Instructor remote is being used, make sure the iClicker ID is entered into the software and that the remote is set to the frequency code of the classroom. How to use an Instructor remote in iClicker Classic.

Run a polling session in iClicker Classic

View Session Data

After a polling session is closed, Instructors are able to select correct answers, change the point values, delete questions, or rename polling sessions in the iClicker Classic gradebook.

Upload iClicker points into Canvas

After polling students in class and making any adjustments scoring, deleting questions, and synchronizing the iClicker roster, Instructors may upload scores from iClicker into Canvas.

Note:  It is recommended to sync the roster occasionally throughout the semester.  This will ensure the roster and registrations are up to date in the iClicker software.

Run a polling session

Select correct answers

Sync scores to Canvas