After installing the iClicker software, Instructors must create a course in the iClicker software for each course in Canvas using iClicker.

When all courses are created in the iClicker software, each iClicker course must be set to the corresponding Canvas course (If syncing to a cross-listed course, please view the selecting a cross-listed course instructions). Each Canvas Course using iClicker must also have the iClicker navigation enabled. The iClicker navigation allows students to register their iClicker remotes so they receive points for answering polling questions.

After the iClicker course is set to a Canvas course, sync the iClicker roster with the Canvas roster.  This will also pull all iClicker registrations from Canvas, which will allow for grades to be synced from iClicker into Canvas.

Note:  It is recommended to sync the roster occasionally throughout the semester.  This will ensure the roster and registrations are up to date in the iClicker software.

iClicker Settings

Since CSU uses a customized version of the iClicker software, not all tabs in Settings are relevant.

The two relevant tabs are;

  1. General tab – Used to register the blue Instructor remote and set the base frequency
    1. Each classroom at CSU has a predetermined frequency set so there aren’t any issues with student responses being recorded from other nearby rooms. Please make sure the frequency in the iClicker software is set to the frequency of the room.
  2. Scoring tab – Used to establish point values students earn for participating in polling

Please do not use the Registration or Roll Call tabs as this will cause issues with your iClicker course roster.

Mobile polling is currently being piloted with iClicker’s mobile version of the software, iClicker Cloud. CSU does not currently support mobile polling from the Mobile tab in iClicker Classic.

Getting started with iClicker

Set iClicker course to Canvas course

General Settings

Scoring Settings