iClicker Setup

After creating an instructor account and downloading the software, Instructors must create a course in either the iClicker Cloud desktop software or in the instructor website. Regardless of where the course is created, all of the course and student data is accessible from wherever you log in

iClicker Cloud Course Settings

Make sure you adjust the course settings, which are specific to each individual iClicker Cloud course. The settings can either be adjusted in the desktop software or on the instructor website.

Note: The steps for sntegrations are covered in the next section.

Setup iClicker Course to Use Roster & Grade Sync

This step will set up your course to use Roster & Grade Sync. This will pull the roster from Canvas into your iClicker course and allow for grades to sync between iClicker and your Canvas course.

Note: This must be done for each iClicker course that is integrating with a Canvas course

Attendance Settings

iClicker Cloud Attendance feature allows for attendance to be taken in class and allows Instructors to lock the location to their classroom, so only those students who are in class are able to participate in polling.

Attendance settings must be set for each individual iClicker Cloud course

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Attendance in iClicker Cloud