Instructors using iClickers at CSU must download the iClicker Classic software below in order for iClicker to work with CSU’s instance of Canvas. Please note the system requirements for the software before downloading.

All course data for iClicker Classic is stored locally in the downloaded iClicker folder. If using a classroom computer for lectures, we recommend storing the iClicker Classic software on a flash drive so sessions may be run from the classroom computer. The course data may be accessed after class on your own device and that data synced into Canvas.

If using a personal computer for lectures, it is recommended to download the software locally onto that machine.

iClicker Classic 7.23 available

If the iClicker software is already downloaded on a computer and is version 7.16 or later, please follow these instructions to update the software to the most current version.

If the iClicker software is already downloaded on a computer and is prior to version 7.16, it is recommended to download a new version of the iClicker software from below.

iClicker Logo

Current iClicker Classic version

iClicker Classic 7.23

Minimum recommended version

iClicker Classic 7.16


iClicker for macOS Catalina (10.15) or newer

Instructors who update to macOS Catalina (10.15) or newer will need to download a notarized iClicker software and adjust the macOS settings before running iClicker. We recommend making these privacy adjustments outside of class to minimize disruptions to your classroom experience.

Users will then need to follow the iClicker Classic for MacOS Sierra 10.12 and higher. Add this LMS_Wizard.xml file on the Optional: Add Integration File to Resources Folder step.

Please refer to the iClicker support article for more information on the privacy settings that need to be adjusted.

MacOS 10.12 Sierra & later

A two-step workaround must be completed for iClicker Classic to work with MacOS Sierra 10.12 and later.

CSU does have a customized iClicker software package. Users will have to download this LMS_Wizard.xml file and place it into the resources folder for the software to work with our instance of Canvas.

iClicker Classic for MacOS Sierra 10.12 and higher

MacOS prior to 10.12 Sierra

This download is only for a Mac computer that has a MacOS prior to 10.12 Sierra.

Mac Download