New iClicker Cloud Roster and Grade Sync features for Summer 2021 courses. See iClicker Setup and Using iClicker at CSU for updates.

All Instructors must create a free Instructor account at either the iClicker Cloud instructor website or in the desktop software. If you already have an iClicker Instructor account, you will not need to create a new one, just log in with your existing account. Regardless of where you create the account, all courses and student data can be accessed using the same sign-in credentials at the instructor site and in the desktop software.

iClicker Cloud Software

The iClicker Cloud desktop software must be downloaded to your computer in order to conduct polls/quizzes. If you are teaching from a computer where you do not have permission to install software, we offer a standalone version of iClicker Cloud that can be copied to the hard drive without installation.

iClicker Cloud Setup

Create Instructor Account

Current iClicker Cloud version

iClicker Cloud 5.1.1