With all Spring 2020 courses moving online, support for iClicker’s at CSU is suspended.


iClickers are an electronic polling device that allow Instructors to engage students in a classroom by posing questions in real time.  Students respond to the questions by using their iClicker remote. The student resposes are collected by the iClicker hardware, and may be displayed on a screen to provide immediate feedback to the students and Instructor about the understanding of a particular subject. The data collected from a polling session may be synced into Canvas as participation and/or performance points.

CSU recommends and supports iClicker as the student response system standard on campus.

Instructor Information

iClicker Logo

Current iClicker version

iClicker Classic 7.23

Minimum Recommended version

iClicker Classic 7.16

iClicker Mobile Polling

At the November 27, 2018 University Technology Fee Advisory Board (UTFAB) meeting, a unanimous decision was made to proceed with a pilot of iClicker Cloud in the Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020 semesters. This decision was made after receiving feedback from faculty and students who attended the on campus demos of cloud based classroom response systems in October and November of 2018.

This pilot consists of several Instructors with varying use cases to test the functionality of iClicker Cloud at CSU.

For any questions pertaining to the pilot, please contact us.