At CSU, Canvas academic courses are set to start with the “Basic Letter Grade 90/80/70/60 Scheme” with these values:

to 96.67%
< 96.67%
to 93.33%
< 93.33%
to 90%
< 90%
to 86.67%
< 86.67%
to 83.33%
< 83.33%
to 80%
< 80%
to 76.67%
< 76.67%
to 70%
< 70%
to 60%
< 60%
to 0%

  • The Grading Scheme that is set on each Course’s “Settings” page is only used to convert the numeric % value of the “Total score” into a “Total letter grade”.
  • CSU allows these Final Grades: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, D, F.
  • CSU does not provide, nor recommend, any numeric grade ranges or values; instructors are free to choose the grading values for each of their classes.
  • How to create a grading scheme in Canvas and add it to a course (Canvas Guide)
  • Note: After creating a grading scheme at the course level, to make it active, it must be selected in the “View/Edit Grading Scheme” screen, then saved on the Course Details page.
  • Best practice: If instructors choose to display assignments or gradable discussions as “Letter Grade” display, instructors should also choose a Grading Scheme for that assignment/discussion that does not use C-, D+, D-.
  • Turn OFF Grading Scheme: On left menu click Settings. Uncheck Enable course grading scheme. Click Update Course Details.
  • Hide Student Grade Totals.
  • Export Final Grades from Canvas for ARIESweb Grade Entry Submission