Courses Created for You

Summer and fall courses are created the February before; Spring courses are created the September before.
To make using online courses easy for instructors, CSU creates courses in Canvas for ALL graded sections. No request is needed.  At CSU, using an online course is the instructor’s choice.

Teaching Assignments Open Courses to Instructors

After an instructor’s teaching assignments are entered into ARIES by their Department Scheduler (via SCAIT), that data is sent to Canvas within 12 hours. Then instructors can see their courses in Canvas and can begin preparing their courses at their convenience.

Courses not showing in your Course List?

Try this:

  1. Click on the Course List  All Courses link and scroll down to see Future Enrollments. You can customize your list by starring just the courses you want to see in your short list.
  2. If your course is not in the “All Courses” list, check with your department scheduler. Your teaching assignment must be entered into Aries first, which will add you as a Teacher in your Canvas course.

Cross-Listing Sections

In Canvas instructors cross-list (combine) sections. See how

Publish Your Course

Instructors must click the course Publish button after preparing their Canvas course for it to open to students on the course start date.

Unpublished courses never open for students.

Instructors can wait until the date they want the course to open to Publish their course, or can edit the course start date. See details

Courses For Non-Graded Sections (labs, recitations)– By Special Request

Instructors, to request a Canvas course for a non-graded section, such as a lab or recitation, use the “Special Course Request Form – Canvas” in ARIESweb. Please allow 3 business days. Steps:

  1. Go to ARIESweb
  2. Log in with your eID
  3. Select “Request Canvas Course”
  4. Select the “Special Course Request Form – Canvas”, complete and submit.

Development Courses in Canvas

  1. Development courses are not very common; most instructors can use their Teaching course to develop their content.
  2. Development courses are only used by instructors/designers who want to begin developing content in Canvas when:
    • the potential course is not yet approved, or
    • the semester is too far in the future so their teaching assignment cannot be made yet.
  3. Development Courses never have students; they are only for designing content.
  4. Content created in these courses can be copied into Teaching courses.

How to Request a Development Course:

  1. Go to ARIESweb
  2. Log in with your eID
  3. Instructor Tools > Request Canvas Courses
  4. Select “DEVELOPMENT Course Request Form – Canvas”
  5. Select your college, subject, course number OR check the box for “My course is not in the list”
  6. Add a note
  7. Click “Send Request”