In Canvas, instructors can use these instructions to cross-list / combine sections together so that students from multiple sections use the same content and can interact with each other.

Why cross-list sections?

  • Add materials and content once into a parent course, and students from All sections can use it.
  • In the gradebook, instructors can easily see either All students, or one section at a time.
  • Assignments can be set up with different due dates, by section.
  • Instructors can set privileges so TAs can grade only their sections.
  • All students can interact. (Or instructors can set privileges so students only see others in their section.)

Important Best Practices

  • DO cross-list sections before adding content to the Parent course. ­ Content in the Child sections will not be visible after cross-listing.
  • DO cross-list sections before classes start. ­ If students have activity in a section (grades, discussions, assignments, quizzes) and you move a section under a parent section, you will NOT be able to see the students’ previous activity.
  • DO cross-list sections that are taught at the same time, in the same place. ­ Examples: Honors or KEY community section taught with a regular section.
  • DO cross-list 401/801 sections for spring, summer and fall. ­ They are taught together as one course and should be cross-listed.

How to cross-list Canvas sections

401 sections are now used for all semesters

CSU made a change in section numbering for fully-online courses starting Spring 2018.

  • Section numbers for fully-online sections, for Resident Instruction (RI) students, in spring, summer, and fall, are numbered 4** (e.g. 401).
  • Section numbers for fully-online sections, for students through CSU-Online, remain numbered 8**, (e.g. 801).
  • (Section numbers for campus-taught RI sections remain unchanged, e.g. 001)

Instructors need to manually crosslist/combine 401/801 sections in Canvas into one course before adding content for Spring, Summer, and Fall courses.