Cross-listing allows Instructors to add section enrollments from individual sections into a single Canvas course, which allows Instructors to manage all course materials in one location. It also allows students in all sections to interact with each other.

Why cross-list sections?

  • Add materials and content into a single parent course for students in all sections.
  • In the Canvas gradebook, Instructors may view all students at once, or one section at a time.
  • Assignments may be set up with different due dates for each section.
  • Instructors may set privileges so TAs can grade only their sections.
  • By default, all students can interact with each other.
    • Instructors may set privileges so students can only see and interact with other students in their section.

Sections that should be cross-listed

  • Always cross-list Key (1xx), Honors (2xx), and INTO CSU Pathways (3xx) sections
    • Cross-list these sections into the primary (parent) section
  • Always cross-list 401/801 sections
    • To ensure access to CSU Online specific tools (Kaltura Media and others). The CSU Online section (701 or 801) must be the parent section. Cross-list the 401 section under the CSU Online section.
  • Always cross-list sections in Canvas, when they are cross-listed in Aries.
    • Sections with different subject codes but they are the same academic course (HIST-478-001 & ANTH-478-001)

Optional Cross-list courses

  • Lecture sections taught by the same Instructor at different days and/or times
  • Labs and recitations
    • Cross-list all labs together in one course and all recitations together in another course
    • Cross-list all labs and recitations into a single course
  • If cross-listing an RI section (001/002) and a CSU Online section (701/801), make sure the CSU Online section (701/801) is the parent section.

Note: Non-Graded Lab and Recitation sections are not created by default in Canvas. To request the creation of a non-graded section, use the Request Canvas Special Courses option under Instructor tools in ARIESweb. Please allow 3 business days for these sections to appear in Canvas.

Prerequisites Before Cross-listing

  • Must be an Instructor in each Canvas section
  • Cross-list sections before adding content to the Parent section.
    • Content in the child sections will not be visible after cross-listing.
  • Cross-list sections before classes start
    • If students have activity in a section (grades, discussions, assignments, quizzes) and then the section is cross-listed, all student activity is removed.

To Cross-List Courses

All cross-listed sections take on the parent section’s name

  1. Determine which section you want as the Parent section.
    • The parent section is the section that the Instructor will teach from. All sections that are cross-listed under a parent will share the same content as the parent section. All cross-listed sections will take on the parent name.
      • For example. An Instructor is teaching History 100, sections 001 and 003. The Instructor designates section 001 as the Parent section. The child section, 003, is cross-listed into the parent section, 001.
  2. Navigate to the child course (section) in Canvas and click on Settings on the left curse navigation.
    • In this example, HIST-100-003 is going to be cross-listed under the parent section, HIST-100-001.
      Screenshot of Canvas showing settings for cross listing. Click the settings link.
  3. Click on the Sections tab and then click on the section name.
  4. Click on the Cross-List this section button.
  5. Type in the name of the parent course as it appears in Canvas, starting with the semester code (2020FA-HIST-100) Click on the parent course to select it.
  6. When the correct parent course is selected, click on the Cross-List This Section button.
  7. The cross-listed section now appears in the parent course. The breadcrumbs show the new course code.
  8. After cross-listing, we recommend making a home page that shows students which sections are combined together.

CSU Section Numbers

00x-0xx (001, 012)Resident Lecture Sections
1xx (100, 101)Key Academic Community Sections
2xx (201, 202)Honors Sections
3xx (300, 301)INTO Pathway Sections
4xx (401, 402)Campus Online Sections
6xx-9xx (701, 801)CSU Online Sections
Lxx (L01, L02)Resident Labs
Rxx (R01, R02)Resident Recitations