New Quizzes

In summer 2022, Canvas’s new quiz tool will replace classic quizzes. If you would like to test new quizzes in your course, you can enable the tool under Feature Options. Once enabled, when you create a quiz, you will have the option to create a classic or new quiz.

New Quizzes Overview

New question types: categorization, stimulus, hot spot, and ordering.

New features: waiting period between multiple attempts, ability to shuffle questions on a quiz, more fill in the blank word recognition options, provide time accommodation for a student for all quiz attempts in the course.

Resources for New Quizzes


Respondus LockDown Browser + Monitor works with new quizzes.

HonorLock does not yet work with new quizzes.

Quiz Overview

Classic quizzes

Available in each Canvas course, there are 11 questions types that can be used in a Canvas quiz — 9 of these can be auto-graded by Canvas.
Question types include: multiple choice, multiple answer, fill in the blank, matching, short essay, etc.

Because students have the ability to search online while taking a quiz, Canvas quizzes are usually equated with an open book quiz.
Here are some ways to maximize quiz setting security.

Canvas Quizzes Key Points
Quiz settings
Create quiz questions
Provide additional time for learning accommodations
Publish quiz
View quiz submissions in Speed Grader

Canvas Classic Quiz Guides