A student who has worked with CSU’s Student Disability Center to document a learning disability may qualify for a reasonable accommodation in their course. An accommodation might include additional time to submit an assignment, excused from an assignment or extra time to finish a quiz.

A consideration would involve working with a student who has had a disruption in their life which might impact their course work. For example, the flu, death in the family, hospitalization. Students can work with CSU’s Student Case Management team if they have questions on how to manage these types of events and how to communicate their circumstances to their instructors.

The Canvas course instructor determines how and which tools they might use to provide an accommodation or allow a consideration for course work.

Differentiated Assignments

Same Assignment, Different Due Dates / Times

A Canvas assignment can be set up to have different due dates / availability dates. Situations where an instructor might use this feature:

  • You combined multiple sections in a Canvas course and you would like each section to have a different due date.
  • A student with an approved learning disability can be given additional time to complete an assignment.
  • A student experienced an emergency and you would like to give that student additional time or different due date.

How to set up a Canvas differentiated assignment

Excuse a Student from a Specific Assignment

Sometimes, it might be appropriate to exclude/excuse a student from a particular assignment.

An instructor can enter a grade of EX for a student’s assignment in the gradebook. This will excuse the student from doing the assignment; the assignment will no longer be counted in the grade calculation for the student.

How to excuse a student from a Canvas assignment

Quiz Moderation

Additional Time, Extra Attempt

For any quiz in Canvas, an instructor can use “Moderate This Quiz” to give a student additional time to complete a quiz or give a student an extra attempt for that quiz.

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