Instructors have these options to upload or record videos/audio files:

Video/Audio files up to 500 MB

  1. Canvas built-in video tool in the Rich Content Editor – fast & easy.


Steps to record or upload videos/audio files in the Rich Content Editor:

  1. In the Canvas tool, open the Rich Content Editor.
  2. Click “Record/Upload Media” icon.
  3. Choose Record or Upload.
  4. To record, enter a title and follow the prompts.
  5. To upload, select Audio or Video, and navigate to your file, select and save.

Video/Audio files over 500 MB

  1. YouTube
    1. set your video privacy settings
    2. embed the link in the Canvas Rich Content Editor
  2. CSU’s Echo360 server
    • add the link to your Canvas module or page
    • Use for videos requiring copyright protection, or using interactive media such as a narrated slideshow with a clickable Table of Contents, embedded quiz questions, or interactive elements that require students to make a choice that affects how the lesson proceeds.