Many new features are being enabled in Canvas this semester. Each has a link to more information and instructions for you to explore.

Starting May 21st, the following new features will be available in Canvas.

Help for unpublished courses — The Dashboard, Courses menu, and All Courses page display both published and unpublished courses, making it easier to see which courses are unpublished.

Rubrics link in left navigation — The Manage Rubrics button has been removed from the course-level Outcomes page and added to the Course Navigation menu.

Mute notifications by course — Users can mute all notifications for a specific course where the user is enrolled.

Product tours

  • Instructor product tour — Canvas provides a welcome tour for instructors that guides them through setting up an online course.
  • Student product tour — Canvas provides a welcome tour for students that guides them through getting started with a Canvas course.

Limited assignment submission attempts — Allows instructors the ability to limit attempts for Canvas assignments.

Note: This feature does not have a moderate feature like in quizzes. To give a student an extra submission attempt, a separate assignment would need to be created for the student(s) to submit, or create a differentiated assignment, after due date passed for the original assignment.

Direct share — Direct share allows instructors to copy assignments, pages, quizzes, etc. from one course to another as well as the ability to share individual assignments, pages, quizzes, etc. in your course with other instructors at CSU.

Optional Features also available on May 21

The following features will be set to “allow” on May 21, and will appear if instructors choose to enable them.

Quiz log auditing — Instructors are able to view quiz logs to view the status of student quizzes.


  • Anonymous grading — This option hides student names from graders when they view assignment submissions in SpeedGrader.
  • Moderated grading — This option allows multiple reviewers to grade a students work and create draft or provisional grades for an assignment.
  • Anonymous moderated grading — This option is available is the Anonymous grading option and the moderated grading options are enabled. This allows content creators can create assignments that hide student names from graders and include moderated option.

Anonymous instructor annotations — If this option is enabled, when students view a submission the comments do not display an instructor’s name.