Using Letter Grades for Assignments

Any Canvas assignment in the gradebook can display scores as a letter grade by setting the “Display Grade as” dropdown to Letter Grade in the assignment settings. If this option is selected, you will need to add a grading scheme to the assignment.

Entering Grades

Grades may be entered in the gradebook as either points or a letter grade.

Note: Entering a letter grade into the gradebook may cause the total grade calculation to result with an inflated Final Letter Grade. When a letter grade is entered in the gradebook, Canvas converts the letter grade into a numeric value that is based on the grading scheme set for the assignment. This numeric value one less than the topmost value in that letter grade’s grading scheme range, except for the letter grade that is associated with a score of 100%.


Using the Basic Letter Grade scheme that is set by default in all Canvas courses, as an example.

If an A+ is entered, a student receives a 100%

If a B+ is entered, a student receives an 89%, which is 1 point lower than the top value within the B+ range, which is 90%.

basic letter grade grading scheme

Gradebook View


In the Instructor’s view of the gradebook, only the letter grades will appear.


In the student’s view of the gradebook, the letter grade and the associated point values appear.

Best Practices

It is recommended to enter a numeric value in the gradebook for a student score. By entering a numeric value, the instructor is able to give points to the student based on their submission and not have Canvas determine the numeric score, which could elevate the final grade score for the student.