Virtual Classroom Management

General Recommendations

Clearly establish expectations

  • Consider a Syllabus Addendum
  • To provide the best academic experience for all students, the following are expectations for virtual meetings:
    • Students are required to use real names (as listed on the roster) when joining a virtual meeting
    • Students will not share any virtual meeting links with anyone not enrolled in the course
  • Upon any disruptive behavior, students will be removed from that virtual session. Any continued disruption will be reported to Student Conduct Services.

Student Conduct Code

The CSU Student Conduct Code still applies with remote teaching and learning. If you experience disruptive behavior in a virtual classroom, escalate just as you would respond to disruptive behavior in a physical classroom. You can report disruptive behavior to Student Conduct Services by completing an incident report.

Student Conduct Code

Virtual Classroom Management Tips

Expand the sections below for actions you can take to avoid or address disruptive behavior during a classroom session. For each recommendation there are instructions for completing that action in Zoom and Microsoft Teams.