NameCoach is a tool that can be added to Canvas course that allows users to record, listen to, and learn names to promote inclusion and belonging.

Students and teachers can voluntarily choose to use NameCoach to record the correct pronunciation of their name and/or specify a person’s pronoun preferences in Canvas.

Access NameCoach in Canvas

If NameCoach is enabled in Canvas, it will appear on the left course navigation. Instructors may choose to not enable NameCoach in their course.

Who can Hear/View NameCoach Information

Any teachers or assistant teachers in a Canvas course which has NameCoach enabled can see this information for their students. Students cannot view NameCoach information.

Enable NameCoach in a Canvas Course

An instructor must enable the NameCoach navigation from a Canvas course settings.


Please see the NameCoach support page if you have any questions.