Allow Students to Finish an Incomplete

Follow these steps to create a new section in your course to allow a student, or multiple students, to complete an Incomplete.

  1. Create a new section in your Canvas course.
    • Name it “For Incompletes” or “Extended Section”
  2. Edit the start and end date for the new Incomplete section.
    • The start and end date will limit the dates when a student is able to participate in the Incomplete section
  3. Enroll the students who need to complete the Incomplete in the new section.
    • Edit student section enrollment by adding new Incomplete section to the student.
    • Enroll student(s) into the new Incomplete section by eName.
      • Select add students by eID (eName)
        • Add multiple students by separating their eNames with a comma (ename1, ename2)
        • Make sure to select the new Incomplete section when adding the student(s)

+People button is not active? The course’s end date has passed

If so, to enroll people, follow steps below or view more detailed instructions.

  1. Go into your course’s Settings.
  2. Under the Start/End dates Uncheck “users can only participate in the course…”
  3. At the bottom click Update Course Details.
    The +People button is active again for you. (And ALL students see the course link.)
  4. Enroll the people with the role they need. (Not as an Instructor!)
  5. Click again on Settings.  Re-check “users can only participate in the course…”
  6. At the bottom click Update Course Details.
  7. Now once more your course link is not visible to all students.

Set course to “Read Only” for students after end date

  1. In your Canvas course > Settings
  2. Leave dates & Participate checkbox as-is!
  3. UNCHECK ONLY “Restrict students from viewing this course after end date”
  4. Save: click “Update Course Details” at bottom.