CSU Face-to-Face Course Template: Canvas course creation made easy

Instructors, do you wonder how to organize your materials in Canvas? Try using the CSU Canvas Face-to-Face (F2F) Course Template.


This template is a framework for organizing materials in your Canvas course. Once you copy the template into your BLANK Canvas course, you can customize it as you wish, and add your content.

The CSU F2F template uses Best Practices of Course Development and Online Couse Design.

Once your course is created, it can be copied into other Canvas courses.

The template includes:

  • a customizable syllabus
  • a modules structure to sub-divide your content by week or topic
  • suggested components for each module
  • links for students to CSU and Canvas support, academic integrity guidelines, library resources, and more

Because these items are already framed into the template, you can focus on adding your content.

View a sample course which uses this template.


Consistent organization and navigation helps:

  • students quickly find course content, which reduces questions about finding materials
  • instructors quickly and easily maintain courses in Canvas.



Tried the template and don’t like the results? Request a reset to remove the template and ALL content so you can start again from a blank course shell.

  • Email us at CanvasHelp@colostate.edu
  • Include “Reset” in the subject, and
  • Copy/paste the course number from Canvas into your message.

Next Steps:

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