Student-Athlete Support Services uses Canvas Observer role for Academic Success

Questions?, Director of Student Athlete Support Services

CSU’s Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS) is piloting the Observer role in Canvas in Spring 2020, as a more efficient and accurate model of support-monitoring for student academic performance, which is required by the NCAA for college athletes.

The pairing of Athletics Academic Coordinators with athletes in Canvas is a very secure and efficient model for academic performance monitoring and support. See benefits below.

This is a unique arrangement with SASS only, and will not be used for advisors, parents, or any others.

All student-athletes participating is this observer pilot program have given signed consent for SASS staff to monitor their academic performance in Canvas, to ascertain academic eligibility for practice and/or competition.

Participating is voluntary for instructors. If instructors prefer to OPT-OUT for a semester, SASS will work with you via progress reports, email/phone outreach, and have the student login to the course to show their coursework from that student’s view.

To opt-out for the current semester, please send an email to Rebecca Orr; she will have the Observers removed for you.  Or instructors can remove the observers themselves: In your course > People > use the Role column to identify the Observer > click the 3 dots to the right of their name > select Remove from Course > confirm OK, and please send email to Rebecca Orr.

The Canvas Observer Role BENEFITS and Features:

  • enables easy communication between instructors and Athletics Coordinators.
  • provides more timely support by Athletics Coordinators with students for better academic success.
  • is used to pair Athletic Academic Coordinators with student-athletes in Canvas.
  • has read-only permissions to view course content and their paired students’ work and grades.
  • cannot edit, upload, or view other students’ discussion entries nor grades.
  • is visible to teachers in Canvas courses under People; in the Role column it lists their paired students.

The first pilot in Fall2019, including some academic coordinators and athletes, was very successful. The Spring2020 pilot includes all Athletic Academic Coordinators and student-athletes.

For more info see: Student-Athlete Support Services.