CSU Will Transition to TurnItIn Summer 2019

In fall 2018, VeriCite was purchased by TurnItIn.  CSU will transition to TurnItIn for use with Canvas on May 22, 2019.  VeriCite will be turned off in Canvas on May 22, 2019.

TurnItIn Resources

VeriCite can consume student in-line submissions and submission files in most file formats (pptx, html, docx, pdf, txt, rtf, ppt, doc, odf, etc.) Note: VeriCite Does Not Work with Mac Pages documents.

Note: VeriCite does not currently work well with Group Assignments in Canvas.

VeriCite converts the student submission into plain text and excludes any quoted material from matching. The rest of the text is then compared for exact matches with existing source material. VeriCite uses string matching methods, along with a series of algorithms and scoring processes, to identify matching texts. VeriCite compares the content in the submitted paper to two repositories – a repository of student submissions that is private to the university and a repository of publicly accessible, academically-oriented Internet resources.

A final report is presented to the user highlighting different levels or amounts of matching per submission. There is an overview score as well as a side by side comparison of the matching text and sources.

Summer 2016: New Features

Based on a visit to the CSU campus to meet with instructors and TAs, VeriCite has added the following features:

VeriCite searches Open Access Journals

VeriCite continually adds Open Access Journal material to it’s content matching. At this time, most private Journals do not allow products such as VeriCite to search or index their material.

Paper’s Bibliography is excluded from content matching

Based on CSU instructor feedback, a paper’s Bibliography will not be included in the content matching process.

Instructors can allow a VeriCite paper to be a Draft Version

Instructors can set a VeriCite paper so that a student’s paper will not be added to CSU’s VeriCite repository and therefore not available for future matching.

Exclude Self Plagiarism

By default, if a student submits the same or similar paper in the same Canvas course, it is not included in content matching. Instructors can change this setting so that previous work in the same course will be matched. May be especially useful in courses with multiple lab reports.