TurnItIn is now CSU’s CSU’s anti-plagiarism tool.

Previous assignments that used VeriCite should be edited to use TurnItIn.

  • The process for adding TurnItIn to a Canvas assignment is very similar to VeriCite’s.
  • Students submit a TurnItIn paper the same way they submit any paper in Canvas.
  • Previous VeriCite matching scores will no longer be visible.
  • Papers that were submitted to VeriCite were migrated to TurnItIn.   But these older papers do not contain any meta data.
    If a similarity report matches an old VeriCite paper, it will display “matched another paper at Colorado State University.”  But no other information is available for these old papers.

TurnItIn and Canvas 30 minute demonstrations:

Tues. Aug. 27, 2019 4 pm Clark C 143
Thur. Aug. 29, 11:30 am Clark C 143
Wed. Sept. 4, 4 pm Clark C 143

Add TurnItIn to a Canvas assignment

Students – how to read a TurnItIn similarity report

CSU Student Responsibilities & Academic Integrity

Instructor TurnItIn Plagiarism Framework Resources

Questions? Email canvashelp@colostate.edu