Instructors, you can remove yourself from unneeded courses, such as unused, unpublished courses from current or past semesters. (Courses from current semesters can be removed 3 weeks after the start of the term.)

  1. In Canvas, click the Courses menu, and click “Remove me from unneeded courses”.
  2. A list of your unpublished and migrated courses is displayed.
  3. If you have more than 10 courses, type part of a course name and click Search to filter by a course name or semester. For example, 2014SP would only display Spring 2014 courses.
  4. Check the courses from which you want to be unenrolled.
    • Keep courses that have content you want to copy to a future course.
    • Do NOT select courses with student activity.
    • Courses with student grades cannot be unpublished.
  5. Click the “Unenroll” button at the bottom. You will be immediately unenrolled from these courses.
  6. Click Return to Canvas.
  7. From the Courses menu, select View All or Customize to display an updated list of your courses. (Unenrolled courses might still appear in the Canvas interface for a short time.)