Date PostedCanvas ToolAffectsIssuesWorkarounds
2018-01-04Content EditorStudents, InstructorsFor all text editing in Canvas using Chrome, the spellchecker stops working after about 30 lines. (Issue with engineers for fix)Use Firefox.
2016-12-29Publish CourseInstructorsMessages are sent to students about content changes, before the course’s start date. This is confusing for students because they receive update info, and clicking on the link tells them the course is not available until the start date.Publish the course after all content prep is completed, and before the start date.
2016-12-14AssignmentsInstructorsAssignment letter grades are treated as 1% less than the highest numeric score for that grade, possibly causing an inflated final letter grade.Use median numeric scores instead of letter grades for assignments.
2015-11-19Course ListStudents, InstructorsSome courses don’t display in Course ListCustomize your course list
2015-11-17SpeedGrader and CrocodocInstructorsWhen an instructor uses Crocodoc annotations to grade an assignment in Speedgrader, the Firefox browser frequently removes the last annotated comment when the score field is updated. This behavior is a Crocodoc-specific limitation within Firefox that cannot be resolved by Crocodoc at this time.To avoid losing any annotations, instructors may choose to use another browser when providing Crocodoc annotated feedback, or try clicking the screen before navigating to another student.
2015-10-28SpeedGraderInstructorsAn instructor’s highlights and detailed comments added in SpeedGrader to a student’s online paper are misaligned to the text, if Chrome is zoomed to less than 100% while grading.

Once graded, the misalignment cannot be fixed in the student paper.
To keep instructor’s highlights and comments aligned with the text in graded student papers, when using SpeedGrader:
• Grade using Firefox.
• Or grade using Chrome at 100% zoom view on your current page.