Please follow the steps below to move your RI course material to Canvas. Keep it Simple.

  • Many students cannot attend live online lectures for health and family reasons; some have limited internet service.
  • Please post learning materials for asynchronous delivery.
  • If you Record and share lecture videos keep them under 10 minutes, one concept at a time.
  • Use discussions, practice, or low-stakes quizzes to engage students. Replace traditional high-stakes exams with alternative assessments that build skills and measure proficiency.
  • Use consistent weekly due dates/times on assignments and provide reminders.
  • Let students know how you are available via email, discussions, or virtual office hours.
  • For essential quizzing with secure monitoring, visit the CSU Testing Center Website
  • Academic integrity in online courses
  • Suggested syllabus language on recording course materials


Please create one module for each week in your course. This will help students navigate your course.

Add a link to an external website in a module


Course files include any content uploaded to your course.

It is recommended to create files as a PDF before uploading files into a Canvas course.


Pages are content areas where you can add and consolidate text and materials. Think of a Word document or Google Doc with the ability to add text, videos, images, hyperlinks, LTI Apps, and links to all other content in your course. You can even link to other pages.

Create Pages – Use Headings to organize material, and Descriptive Links for hyperlinks.
Make a page the course Home page
Add a page into a module

Recording Lectures & Lecture Capture Software

If you currently use lecture capture software, we recommend you utilize the lecture recording or streaming platform that you’re the most comfortable with. If you haven’t previously used a recording or streaming platform we recommend:

Office Hours

MS Teams for one-on-one live meetings

Upload existing videos

  1. Upload video into Steam
  2. Copy Link to Stream to share in Canvas
  3. Share a link in Canvas
    1. Add an external URL as a module item
    2. Create a page
      1. Create hyperlink to external url
      2. Add a page as a module item

Canvas Discussions – Graded or Ungraded

Keep Teaching – Accessibility

Information for Students

Speedgrader – for fast online grading
Manage Canvas Grades