Why is an iClicker required for my class?

Your instructor has decided (and education studies have confirmed) that incorporating classroom response system technology helps foster discussion among classmates, gives your instructor a clear sense of how the class is going, and ultimately improves comprehension and learning.

Do I have to register my iClicker?

Yes. All iClickers used at CSU must be registered in a CSU Canvas course. This is a one time registration, so if you have registered your iClicker in Canvas, it will be registered for all of your courses using iClicker at CSU.

How do I register my iClicker?

Follow these instructions to register your iClicker.  If you need further assistance, please Ccntact CanvasHelp@colostate.edu.

Do I have to register my iClicker for each individual class?

No. You only need to register your iClicker once, in any Canvas course, and the registration information will apply to all of the courses in Canvas which are using iClickers.

The iClicker ID on my remote is not readable. How can I get the ID to register?

Please go to the Textbook Information counter, located on the lower level of the CSU Bookstore, for further assistance.

How can I tell if I have successfully registered online?

To verify your iClicker registration, click on the iClicker button in the left navigation of a Canvas course. If the iClicker has been registered, the iClicker ID and the date of registration will display on the page. If there is not an iClicker ID on this page, the iClicker has not been registered in Canvas.

I registered with an incorrect remote ID when registering in Canvas. How can I fix it?

If an iClicker with an incorrect ID was registered in Canvas, log into the Canvas Course that is using iClicker.  Click on the iClicker button in the left navigation and then click on the `Remove’ link next to the incorrect iClicker ID.  When the incorrect ID is removed, register the correct iClicker ID.

I registered my iClicker within Canvas, but my professor says I have not registered yet?

Instructors will have to re-sync the roster in the iClicker software in order to update student iClicker registrations.  Once the iClicker roster has been re-synced, the instructor will have to re-sync all iClicker polling scores in order to update the Canvas Gradebook.

How do I turn on an iClicker?

Press the On/Off button to turn the iClicker device On/Off . A solid blue light will display by the Power indicator at the top of the iClicker when the iClicker is On.

How do I set the frequency code on an iClicker?

Could my responses be confused with others?

No. Each iClicker remote has a unique ID and responses are captured and stored based on that unique ID in the iClicker software. Once an iClicker has been registered in Canvas, in iClicker ID will be linked to an individual student ID in the iClicker Gradebook.

Note:  iClicker remotes can not be shared with another student in the same class.

Do I get credit for my responses?

The instructor decides whether or not an iClicker response will receive credit. The instructor has the option to assign points for participation or attendance, to assign points for correct responses, or to simply use the response for attendance purposes. The class syllabus or course web site will generally include the grading policy for the course.

How do I know if my vote has been received?

The Vote Status light, located on the top of the iClicker remote, will flash green if the vote has been received and confirmed.  A red flashing light indicates that the vote was not received and users will need to vote again as long as the poll is still open.

Note: Make sure the iClicker frequency is set to the frequency of the room.

Can I change my response?

An iClicker response can be changed as long as the poll is still open. Once the Instructor stops the poll, the response can not be changed.

Will my iClicker work in other classes?

Yes, an iClicker will work in more than one class.

Make sure to set the frequency on the iClicker remote for each class.

What if I am having problems with my iClicker?

If there is a problem with an iClicker during class, let the instructor know immediately. Then, replace all batteries with fresh batteries, as exhausted or defective batteries are often the cause of problems encountered (e.g., the remote shutting off when a button is pressed)

  • iClicker warrants all new remotes to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of 365 days from the date of original purchase of a new remote.
  • If the iClicker was not purchased from the iClicker or Amason, please return it to the place from which it was originally purchased with proof of purchase.

Is technical support available?

Yes. There is iClicker technical support available for students at the Canvas Help Desk.