Which classrooms have the iClicker system already installed?

Each classroom’s iClicker base station has been preprogrammed to operate on a specific frequency. Each room has signs posted identifying which frequency to use. If using an iClicker remote, students will need to set their iClicker remote to the correct frequency before they can use it in class.

The following General Assignment classrooms have the iClicker system installed (as of 25 March 2013).

Building Room Frequency Code
Anatomy/Zoology E112 DA
Anatomy/Zoology W118 CB
Anatomy/Zoology W205 BB
Animal Sciences 110 AC
Animal Sciences 112 AB
Animal Sciences 200 AD
Animal Sciences 205 AA
Aylesworth C106 DD
Aylesworth C108 AC
Aylesworth C111 AB
Behavioral Sciences 103 DD
Behavioral Sciences 105 DA
Behavioral Sciences 107 BC
Behavioral Sciences 131 DB
Chemistry A101 BA
Chemistry A103 BB
Chemistry B202 DC
Chemistry B301 DB
Chemistry B302 BD
Clark A101 CA
Clark A102 DD
Clark A103 CB
Clark A104 CC
Clark A201 BC
Clark A202 DA
Clark A203 BA
Clark A204 CD
Clark A205 AD
Clark A206 AA
Clark A207 AC
Clark C142 DA
Clark C144 DC
Clark C146 BB
Clark C213 AA
Clark C217 AA
Clark C238 CD
Clark C248 DD
Clark C250 AC
Clark C251 BB
Clark C337 BA
Clark C358 CC
Clark C359 CA
Clark C360 BD
Clark C361
Clark C362 CB
Clark C363 DB
Clark C364 AD
Eddy 1 AB
Eddy 5 CC
Eddy 7 AA
Eddy 8 BD
Eddy 9 AC
Eddy 10 AC
Eddy 11
Eddy 100 CC
Eddy 102 BA
Eddy 103 BB
Eddy 104 BC
Eddy 105 CA
Eddy 106 CB
Eddy 107
Eddy 108
Eddy 109 DC
Eddy 110
Eddy 113 DD
Eddy 114 AA
Eddy 115 AB
Eddy 116 AC
Eddy 117 AD
Eddy 118 BB
Eddy 119 BA
Eddy 212 CD
Education 1
Education 2
Education 4
Education 7 DC
Education 8
Education 11
Education 13
Education 105B
Education 236
Engineering 100 DA
Engineering 120 DD
Engineering B2
Engineering B3
Engineering B4
Engineering B101 AC
Engineering B103
Engineering B105
Engineering D102 DA
Engineering E103
Engineering E104 CA
Engineering E105
Engineering E106 CB
Engineering E202 CB
Engineering E203
Engineering E204
Engineering E205
Engineering E206 DB
Forestry 107
Forestry 127 DC
Forestry 218
Gifford 113 DB
Gifford 146 CA
Gifford 149 CA
Gifford 312
Gifford 332 DA
Glover 130 BC
Glover 201 BD
Guggenheim 107
Guggenheim 114
Guggenheim 107
Guggenheim 118
Guggenheim 226
Guggenheim 227
Johnson 222 AC
Microbiolgy A101 CC
Microbiolgy A108 CD
Microbiolgy A113 BA
Military Science 105 CD
Military Science 115 BA
Military Science 200 DA
Military Science 201 CA
Natural Resources 108
Natural Resources 109 BA
Natural Resources 113 BB
Natural Resources 201
Natural Resources 301 BC
Natural Resources 316
Natural Resources 320
Pathology 101 DD
Pathology 109
Physiology 103 CD
Physiology 243 CC
Plant Science 101 BD
Plant Science W9 BB
Rockwell 36 BD
Rockwell 38 CC
Rockwell 39 BC
Rockwell 165 BA
Rockwell 167 AB
Rockwell 170 AC
Rockwell 172 AD
Shepardson 102 DB
Shepardson 118 AC
Shepardson 120 BA
Shepardson 212 DA
Visual Arts F101 DB
Visual Arts F113
Wagar 107
Wagar 107B AC
Wagar 132 AB
Wagar 133 AA
Wagar 231 CA
Wagar 232 BC
Weber 202
Yates 104 DD

What if my classroom isn’t set up to use iClicker?

Please contact Classroom Support Services to request an iClicker system be installed in the classroom.

There is no charge for installations in general assignment classrooms.

List of General Assignment (GA) Classrooms

View the listing of CSU’s GA Classrooms provided by the  Registrar’s office.

iClicker for Canvas System Requirements

iClicker Cloud System Requirements