All Instructors must create a free Instructor account at either the iClicker Cloud instructor website or in the desktop software. If you already have an iClicker Instructor account, you will not need to create a new one, just log in with your existing account. Regardless of where you create the account, all courses and student data can be accessed using the same sign-in credentials at the instructor site and in the desktop software.

iClicker Cloud Pilot Software

The iClicker Cloud desktop software must be downloaded to your computer in order to conduct polls/quizzes. If you are teaching from a computer where you do not have permission to install software, we offer a standalone version of iClicker Cloud that can be copied to the hard drive without installation.

iClicker Cloud 5.0 is a new, separate version of the desktop software. All users will need to download this full version of 5.0 (even if you have already installed iClicker Cloud 4.6 or the Beta version of 5.0). Make sure to remove your old version from your desktop.

iClicker Cloud Setup

Create Instructor Account

Current iClicker Cloud version

iClicker Cloud 5.0.8