Canvas provides a web conferencing tool called Big Blue Button which enables instructors and students to initiate an audio and video conference with other members of a Canvas course.

This tool appears as the Conferences button on the left navigation menu in your Canvas course.

Big Blue Button Requirements

  • A computer with a microphone for audio and a web camera for video.
  • Adobe Flash Player is required to participate. *
  • If the presenter wishes to share a view of what is on their computer desktop in the conference, then Java needs to be installed on the presenter’s computer. *

*Note: some devices such as iPads and iPhones do not support Flash or Java. Google Chrome version 42 does not support Java by default. You would need to use a device or computer that supports Flash to participate in a conference and Java to share your desktop as the presenter in a conference.

Need help with Flash and/or Java? Contact the CSU Help Desk:
(970) 491-7276