Conferences make it easy to conduct synchronous (real-time) lectures for all users in a course. Conferences allows users to broadcast real-time audio and video, demo applications, share presentation slides, or demo online resources. Currently, Canvas integrates with BigBlueButton.

Conferences appear on the left navigation menu in your Canvas course. If the Conferences navigation is not present, it may be enabled from Settings, Navigation tab.

Recommended Browsers

  • Desktop/Laptop: Chrome or Firefox (latest versions)
  • Mobile iOS (12.2+): Safari
  • Mobile Android (6.0+): Chrome

Screen sharing is not supported on Safari or mobile devices. To share a screen, the presenter must use a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook with either Chrome or Firefox (latest versions).

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Instructor Guides

Create a Conference

  • Conferences can be created with as many users as needed, though the recommended guideline is a limit of 100 users.
  • Conference invitations are sent out when the conference is created. To alert invitees about upcoming conferences, you can create course events in the Calendar.

Record a Conference

  • Recorded conferences are only saved for 14 days.

Join a Conference
Conclude a Conference

Student Guides

Instructor Overview

Student Overview